My Holiday by Niamh

I was going on my holiday to Spain for two weeks. I had to pack my suitcase when I was finished I had to weigh it. It was 25kg it was heavier than I expected! I had to unpack and start again! It took me so long because I found it hard to decide what to bring. I finally finished after an hour. I weighed it again and it was 20kg. That is just right. I got a taxi and on my way to the airport there was a crash so I was delayed I nearly missed my flight.

4 thoughts on “My Holiday by Niamh”

  1. Hi friend.
    I liked that you used the sentence perfectly.
    I wonder if you flight to Spain was good.
    It reminds me of my holiday I’m having.
    Bye for now Kristupas Mrs Boyce`s 5th class.

  2. Hi Niamh
    I liked this story because you used great words
    I wonder why it took you so long to unpack
    This reminds me of when I’m at the airport
    Keep writing
    From Warren Mrs Boyces class

  3. Hey Niamh.
    I was wondering what you put in the suitcase to make 25kg
    Keep up the good work on your stories
    bye for now

  4. Hey ,Niamh
    your story was very interesting I like how you based it to a true story
    how was your trip to Spain?

    Biankha, new zealand

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