My Family by Jessica H

It was a typical Saturday morning and I knew I should’ve set an alarm. Because I’m the youngest out of my 6 siblings and they eat all of the food straight away in the mornings, then there’s nothing for me to eat. I walked downstairs knowing I was going to have to go to the shops to get cereal or something. I walked in through the sitting room and into the kitchen. I looked in the cupboards and although it was Saturday nothing was opened I thought I was dreaming. I closed the cupboard and opened it again and still nothing was opened so I made the best breakfast ever.

10 thoughts on “My Family by Jessica H”

  1. Hi Jessica H
    I really liked your story
    I liked the way you used the prompt
    Great story
    Bye For now Liam A
    Mrs Boyces class

  2. Hi Jessica I really liked the way you were surprised when there nothing opened in the cupboards because on a typical day your siblings would have eaten everything in the cupboards.
    I also liked the way you said “I made the best breakfast ever”
    keep on writing

    From William

  3. I like your story how there was nothing opened and you had to step up and take care of your 6 siblings. That was really a good story. By Maiyah

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