My Dreams by Donnchadh

So what will I write on this page…

I have a lot of dreams. My first dream is to own a 69 mustang boss 429.

My next one is to be a rugby player.

My third one is to be an engineer for the navy just in case my rugby career ends.

My forth one is to be an explorer and see all of the animals.

My one dream to be an f1 driver.

My sixth dream is to be a fisherman.

My seventh one is to work in Wild Ireland.

I will like to be a Doctor.

One thought on “My Dreams by Donnchadh”

  1. I so enjoyed hearing about your dreams, Donnchadh. I love the way you have set them out so clearly on the page and the way you list them one by one and not all in a rush. I also like the practical approach you have to a rugby career, showing that you realise you will need something else as well. I do hope at least one of your dreams comes true!

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