My Christmas Jumper

Jack and I were having a sleepover at his house for his birthday. We were mid watching a movie when Jack’s mam came in and asked if we wanted cake. I jumped up and immediately said “yes please” the birthday cake was sublime. It was getting quite late and Jack and I were feeling a bit peckish. We went downstairs into the kitchen and I then realized I had my Christmas jumper on but I didn’t remember putting it on. My eyes were ablaze because I had to go home because I couldn’t get it dirty. I went home and tore my room apart. It became a wreckage.

3 thoughts on “My Christmas Jumper”

  1. Man! There were a lot of detailed words like “Sublime” and “peckish” nice job!

    Asher LaPierre From G.E.S at F.M.S.

  2. Hello, Aaron I love the Christmas jumper 100 WC . because that feels like it definitely could happen

  3. Hi Aaron

    I liked you story because it was funny and where he wrecked his room.
    I wonder what happened did to you

    Bye From Keelan

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