Mrs Pink by Charlie

Once Upon A Time there was a woman who’s name was Mrs Pink. Mrs Pink loved to ride her bicycle to work.She was a scientist, her job was to see how fast a bullet went after being fired from different guns. One day cycling to work she sew a baby boy blowing bubbles. Suddenly the boys bubbles rang out the boys started crying saying “Mammy it’s empty”. Mrs Pink felt bad for the boy. 5 minutes later she arrived at work, She put her bag on the ground and started working.She discovered that a bullet fired from heavy artillery can travel 30,000 metres.

One thought on “Mrs Pink by Charlie”

  1. Hi charlie its me your hub buddy Cole. Sorry I wasn’t commenting a lot s I’m doing it now! I like that you included guns and a fact or two. but I think that you should have named the actual gun that you said “heavy artillery” but still nice story though.

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