Mr. Wobble by Craig

Mr. Wobble could go any where in any time. He could move up, down, sideways, forward and backwards. He was walking down the street and came along a child who had no hope in anything, did not believe in anything except for believing that nothing’s real. Mr. Wobble pulled a bike out of no where and asked the kid did he want a lift to school.  He then said ‘sure’ and hopped on the back of the bike. Mr. Wobble rode into a pole, suddenly the bike got stuck there. Mr. Wobble said, ”Now will you believe,” as he flew away.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Wobble by Craig”

  1. Hi Craig.
    I liked your story because it was original.
    Mabey the person believes now.
    I wonder how u could fly.
    Bye kristupas 5th Class Mrs Boyces

  2. I think our piece was great. You need to just check over your punctuation and capitalization. Hopefully you can teach that kid how to fly.

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