Mr. Red by Cian

Once there was a man named Mr. Red who lived in a red world. In this world the people, animals and even the food was red. One day as Mr. Red went about his business he came across an article about a blue person in his local newspaper. He began to feel very anxious so he dropped the newspaper and dashed back home. He stayed in his house for a whole week as he was too scared to go outside knowing blue people were around. One morning Mr. Red woke up, got changed and brushed his teeth but then fainted because when he looked in the mirror Mr. Red was no longer Mr Red he was Mr Blue.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Red by Cian”

  1. Poor old Mr Red! That is a bit like the Sneetches with the stars on their tummies – they got all confused and could not decide if they were right or wrong. In this case, it is about which is better, blue or red! Your best sentence is the one where you describe Mr Red as feeling very anxious = great vocabulary. Keep up the wonderful writing, and if you would like to read some writing from children in the South Island of New Zealand, come along to my class blog at

  2. Hello, Cian! I really liked your story. Mr. Red must of felt really anxious, knowing that blue people were around now! If I was Mr. Red, and I saw that there were blue people around, I would be scared too! If I only live in a world a red, I would be scared out of my mind! A suggestion is that make sure every time you have Mr. or Mrs. you put a period after it. In the last sentence, you did, “Mr Red and Mr Blue.” Mr. is an abbreviation for Mister. So, make sure you put a period after Mr. or Mrs. or Ms! Anyway, love the story! I would love to see more on what happened to Mr. Red!

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