Monster in my Room by Mia

When I woke up this morning there was a monster in my bedroom. ‘Come on get up,’ it said, seemingly out of breath.”Come on which way to the shops?” it panted. I looked at it again. It was a tall hairy thing , with big long claws and black and purple hair. It paused to take a few deep breaths and looked around. ” COME ON” it roared . “We don’t have all day you know. We need to get food for later.” “Alright, alright I’m coming” I groaned sleepily. I rubbed my eyes and then I noticed. There was no monster. It was just my sister in my room, scowling angrily at me.

4 thoughts on “Monster in my Room by Mia”

  1. Hi Mia
    I like your story because I find it funny ,
    I wonder why you thought your sister was a monster,
    It reminds me of monster INC,
    From Joe , Mrs Boyce’s class

  2. Hi Mia.
    I like your story.
    It reminds me of a book I read recently.
    I wonder why your sister was so angry with you.
    Bye for now.
    From Ronan, Mrs Boyces class.

  3. Hello Mia.
    I like your story because you thought your sister was a monster.
    I wonder if your sister was surprised.
    It reminds me of Monster I.N.C.
    Bye, Benny – Mrs Boyce’s Class.

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