Misty Holidays – by Frank

Last year me my Dad my granny and my granddad went on a holiday to a misty castle. Beside the castle there was a grave yard and the colour of the graves was crimson. Beside the graves there was a haunted house. The first thing what I wanted to see was the haunted house but my dad said that we had to see the castle first, to see our room and leave all the luggage. When we were at reception the girl told us that all of the rooms were haunted, but my dad did not believe that. We went to see one of the rooms and as soon as we open the door Dracula jumped on my dad and me and we got so afraid that we ran out from Misty Castle and never come back.

2 thoughts on “Misty Holidays – by Frank”

  1. Hi Frank,
    What a creative way to include all the prompt words! I wouldn’t stay in a place if I was told it was haunted. You set the scene well, and it’s a big shock for the reader when Dracula jumps out. I wonder whether anything happened with Dracula after they had run away? I don’t blame them for never wanting to come back! Your spelling is really accurate- well done!
    Thanks for taking part in 100WC this week.
    Hannah (Team 100) -Birmingham, UK

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