Mission Gone Wrong by Ben

Today was a very important day in history. The ‘Hypnotic 101’ is about to explore the moon. The people on the rocket were. Stacy, Roger, Harry, Mohamed, Leo and Nora. They were really exited to go to the moon.” When it just wouldn’t take off we were very worried.” warned the Captain. People made mini spaceships and gave them to people for free. Everyone was talking about it directly and on social media. The spaceship was set, flames were rising from the bottom getting ready to power up. But then something unfortunate happened, it was fake. Everyone was furious. Later on, NASA apologized after what had happened.

One thought on “Mission Gone Wrong by Ben”

  1. Hi Ben! This sounds realistic! Soon, we will be going to Space Camp. I like how you said NASA apologized. How was it fake? Next time, maybe you can add some describing words. That was a pretty good story!

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