Statue – by Emily

At the airport with my grandparents and my Mam, we went to the coffee shop my Grandad sat on the bench beside a statue and started talking to him.
” Hey, help me I am glued to this bench and some people painted me gold”!
” How can I help you”?
” You can help me by trying to get me off the chair”.
” Thank you for helping me”.
We brought him to clean himself,we brought him to meet his family he was so happy that he with his family again. Me and my family got on the plane to had our holidays!

One thought on “Statue – by Emily”

  1. A nice light hearted story Emily. What a cruel trick to play on someone – covering him in glue and then sticking him to the chair before painting him so he resembled a statue. He could’ve been left there forever!!!!

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