Meeting with Time Travelling Tom by Leon

One day when I was riding my Bicycle to school The strangest thing happened, and it all began like this… I was having a race on our bike with my friend to school. I was Desperate to win Because I bet a whole €2, and of cores I was winning when soddenly I found myself in the stone age!?! Beside me was a 23 year old man standing beside a yellow school bus. He had black hair, He was tall and had a t-shirt saying GO TIME TRAVEL. Then suddenly he shouted, “Hey Kid what you doing here?” With a scared look on his face. Beside me there was a stash of cash so I greedily took as much as I could and shoved it in my pocket.” Hey don’t touch my money, I warn you!” He shouted back. I started running and I taught, why was I so greedy I should have ran. “I warned you kiddo,” I heard him shout. He started shooting some kind of pellet gun. I ran in a zig zag to dodge them. Then I finally made it though the portal thingy. I appeared at home finally home. I was safe. Finally.

One thought on “Meeting with Time Travelling Tom by Leon”

  1. You should make another story on this I think it should be what happened after the money stealing and the portal. Also where did you find the money did it just appear because weren’t you on the way to school. I really liked your story you should really make a sequel.

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