Matilda by Carragh

Its been six months since Matilda moved in with Ms. Honey.  They have been on lots of adventures together. On one of their adventures they met a unicorn who they decided to keep as a pet. They bought a stable, saddle and magical unicorn food. The unicorn was pink and fluffy with a stripy horn. Matilda likes to spend lots of time with her magical unicorn, they fly all over the world together and sometimes Ms. Honey comes too. The three of them have great fun seeing all the boys and girls all over the world reading Roald Dahl books.

One thought on “Matilda by Carragh”

  1. Great story Carragh! How cool would it be to find a magical unicorn – that would be some adventure to have! And how cool that Matilda and Ms Honey get to go all around the world – and that they get to see all the boys and girls reading great books. Well done – keep up the good work!

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