Mars by Emmanuel

One day two boys decided to make a time machine and travel to Mars so thato they could see the different types of animals that could be coming to earth very soon. They built the machine and before they knew it they were on Mars. The first thing they saw was a very weird looking plant that kept moving. One of the boys picked it up. Then the plant started talking “which way to the shops”? It panted, “as I am very thirsty and tired.” “Don’t worry,” said one of the boys. “We’ll get you a drink later.

4 thoughts on “Mars by Emmanuel”

  1. Hi Emmanuel,

    What a good idea to have the setting on another planet – very imaginative!


    Mrs Abena (Team 100)

  2. I loved this piece. It was so awesome, but I would like to know the names of the kids. Will you please write another. I hope you love your comments. Lana

  3. I like your story, Emmanuel! I liked that you included that you made a time machine to travel to Mars. I like that you included two characters in your story.
    From Isa your buddy in the USA

  4. Hi Emmanuel
    I liked this story because it was interesting
    This reminds me of a tv show
    I wonder how long it took them to get there
    From Warren Mrs Boyces 5th class

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