Marks, Get Set, Go by Ashley

I have been doing athletics for six years, I love it, especially the competitions. I remember that cross-country race where it was very tense and I was so nervous, it was the final and I really wanted to place.

I remember one of the organisers shouting “Marks, Set, Go!” and we were off. It was a 2000 metres race, so I had to set a pace. I overtook three girls and now I was in fourth place so that’s when I knew I should run….FAST!

I overtook the girl who was third, but she was right behind me, I started to sprint and finished. I had placed!

2 thoughts on “Marks, Get Set, Go by Ashley”

  1. Hi Ashley,
    I loved how you included the prompt in your story this week. Well done.
    As I was reading it, I was holding my breath…and crossing my fingers…hoping that you’d be placed.
    Great work this week.

    I’ve missed the interactions with your Class since the schools have closed.
    Wishing you and your classmates the very BEST in Post Primary.
    I feel Ms Brennock will miss ye.

    Mrs Boyce (Team 100WC)

  2. I love this take on the prompt! Well done – it is a logical, interesting story which is well crafted! Kapai from NZ.

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