Man and Flamingo by Kyle

I was on my scooter going down the long road. This road was called the Street of Weirdness and by the end of the story you will know why. After a while, a red man came out onto the road and danced an extremely silly dance. This was very weird. As I turned a corner, a red flamingo walked out in front of me and screeched. Suddenly, the concrete turned fluffy! Bamboozled, I went back home. This was the weirdest day of my life! When I got home, a pig, a chicken and a cow were in my house. Was this the weirdest day in history?

2 thoughts on “Man and Flamingo by Kyle”

  1. Kyle,
    I would have to agree that it was certainly a strange day indeed. You handled the focus words in a very unique way this week.
    Keep writing.
    Mrs. G., Buddy Class Teacher, GES at FMS, Guilderland, NY, USA

  2. Hi Kyle, I like how you said the name of the street. Why did the concrete turn fluffy? That was good!

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