Magicial Monchichi by Sophie

One day Magical Monchichi was in the Night Zoo. There was news of a baby in a basket on the river.  Monchici knew he had to find the baby.  He scaled the cage fence and jumped to the grass and searche alongside the river for the child. Suddenly there was a cry, he followed the noise to a small basket with a shining light coming out from it.  Such a beautiful baby he knew he must take care of her.  Her eyes sparkled in the night. Monchichi felt like he’d known her forever.  He took her home and taught her to care for other little children as she got older.

4 thoughts on “Magicial Monchichi by Sophie”

  1. Hi, Sophie, I think your story is heartwarming and good.
    Magical Monchichi seems very nice.
    Keep writing stories like this in the future.
    From Dylan Mrs. Boyces class.

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