Magical Forest by Sarah Lee

Once upon a time my granny used to read me a bedtime story and I loved hearing it and it helped me go asleep. It was about a fairy castle deep in a dark forrest. All the fairies would fly in the sky and visit the castle when the rainbows came out on a sunny day . The fairies would get the teeth from all the boys and girls from under their pillows and sprinkle fairy dust along the path. I hope I will go and see the fairies because it is a magical and sparkly kingdom where dreams come true

One thought on “Magical Forest by Sarah Lee”

  1. Ah Sarah. I really loved this story. It really is magical. I love hearing anything about fairies and magical kingdoms. I used to love Bedtime stories when I was a little girl and always read Sam a Bedtime story until he was old enough to read on his own. Well done. Most enjoyable.

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