The Magic Music -By Qasim

“Hello sir can you please play music?”
“Only if you give me three euro”.

After that talk with the musician he finally played some music. When he blew a whistle everyone disappeared. I was in a new world.

Walking around the planet I saw a huge building it looked so futuristic. I went in and saw a huge monster with turned out toes big horns and big yellow eyes.

” Do you have any friends?” I asked nervously
“No, everyone hates me because they think I’m to ugly”
I felt very sad and wanted to become his friend.

2 thoughts on “The Magic Music -By Qasim”

  1. Qasim I really liked reading your story full of fantasy and science fiction, where a musician can transport people with his music. And I really liked the ending where the main character wants to befriend the monster, what a nice gesture of friendship. Keep up the good work writing on the 100WC.

  2. Ah Qasim, this is a little like ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ – he was considered to be very ugly too, but he had a good heart. I really enjoyed your story. Well done.

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