Looking After Their Puppy by Daniel

Emile’s friend’s family had to go to Spain but couldn’t bring their dog so she said she’d look after it. Later when the family left Emile looked for the labrador pup but she couldn’t find him. “It was here but where did it go?” She said. Suddenly the puppy jumped up on the couch when a rat came after it. Emile screamed and ran to the kitchen . Then she found a fly swatter and went back to the sitting room. She hit the rat with it and opened the door and the rat ran out. The puppy then fell asleep.

One thought on “Looking After Their Puppy by Daniel”

  1. Hi Daniel! I like your story. It’s really interesting and cool. It would be awesome if you could use more describing words in your sentences. I wonder where you got this idea for your story??

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