Leaf Stinger – by Benito

One beautiful, summer’s day weird tree men were in the park for their combat training. They trained and trained and trained and trained from morning to night. By the next day they were too tired to train. Suddenly, a leaf creature stepped forward. The weird tree men were confused. The leaf man said his name was Leaf Stinger. Leaf Stinger wanted to train with them. They agreed. So from then on, Leaf Stinger always trained with them. Sometimes they went out to fight bad guys. The next day Leaf stinger wasn’t feeling well, they took him to the doctor.

….To Be Continued….

3 thoughts on “Leaf Stinger – by Benito”

  1. Hi Benito
    I like the way that you said that tree men were training in the park.
    It sounds like the tree men trained a bit too hard.
    They were lucky that leaf man came to train with them.
    From Matthew D
    Mrs Boyce’s class
    Please comment on my story.

  2. Hi Benito! I really liked how you described the tree people when they were training. Did you know that picture was taken in Kew Gardens, London? There are tons of tree statues there! I have never been to Kew Gardens, but it sounds cool. I didn’t really understand what Leaf Stinger got sick with. Describe it better next time. Please come visit my blog!
    Max in Illinois, U.S.A


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