The KFC Dude by Josh

The man that is reading the book, is actually a woman in disguise. Next to her is Colonel Saunders owner of KFC. The lady is a spy from another chicken fast food place called Hairy Chicken Lickens. They are at war with each other over who has the best chicken recipe. She is pretending to be reading but she is actually revising her plan to steal Colonel Saunders famous chicken recipe. But then he asks curiously,
“what are you reading”
“Nothing” she said suspiciously.
He realises she’s up to something so he reaches over very slowly looking straight ahead acting normal and grabs the book AKA the plan and runs into the bathroom…

2 thoughts on “The KFC Dude by Josh”

  1. Josh! This is a brilliantly funny story. You’ve got a great imagination. I love the idea that they’re both at war over the best chicken recipe! Not sure if I’d eat anything from a place called Hairy Chicken Lickens though! Well done! Loved your story.

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