The Jungle Door by Mia G

One rainy day Tom went out in the deep deep jungle .
He was looking for animals to write about in his book –
The legend of the fantastic 6. Well he could not find any animals because it was drizzling mad . Who would find an animal in the rain? ”Ooooooh! dear this is not going to turn out well,” said Tom . Then tom started looking in the bushes to see if any of the animals were there . But instead of an animal, he saw something in the bushes . ”Ahhhhhha!” said Tom. ”Lookie lookie what I have found ” he whispered . A jungle castle . He found a lock and started pulling it, the lock clicked and it opened. Tom found all of the animals. All of the animals shouted aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah and stayed still ………


2 thoughts on “The Jungle Door by Mia G”

  1. Wow Mia, that sounds like a magical place to be and a really cool adventure to have! I hope that the animals didn’t run away after Tom found them all. He could probably learn lots from them. You’ve written a really great story here, well done!

  2. Hi Mia. What a great story. It reminded me of Steve Backshall in the programme ‘The Deadly Sixty’. I bet he’d be only delighted to be in that jungle and find that ‘Jungle Castle’.

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