Jim bob-joe is caught. BY ALEX

We were on a secret mission to catch a deadly criminal name Jim bob-joe. We were spying on him in very big bins. Two of us fit in just one bin. It was going well until my partner farted in the bin “God help me” I said. A while later he sneezed on me it was disgusting in there. Suddenly we saw Jim bob-joe run out of a jewellery store with bags of jewellery. A month later they caught him. The police put him in a reinforced prison because he had broken out of prison ten times . He was never seen again.

2 thoughts on “Jim bob-joe is caught. BY ALEX”

  1. Well done Alex. I see you have returned to the ‘fart’ theme! I bet that would be unpleasant in a bin!
    Good story, well done.

  2. Hi Cliona,
    What a funny story. I liked the way we knew there was a mission in place to catch Jim Bob-Joe. I also liked your use of speech marks, I could really imagine how you felt stuck in the bin with your partner. Keep up the great work!
    Múinteoir Stephanie

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