Jeff and Sophie by Aaron

Jeff and Sophie went on their holidays to a big house.  It was very big and old.  At night they heard a funny noise coming from one of the old rooms. When they walked down the old corridors of the house the floorboards moved and creaked.  It was spooky and Jeff and Sophie were scared.  One night Jeff and Sophie went exploring the big house.  They found a big old wooden door in the corner of the room.  They decided to check it out.  They opened the door and went in and then the lock clicked and they were trapped. Sophie started crying and Jeff told her not to worry, they would find a way out.

2 thoughts on “Jeff and Sophie by Aaron”

  1. What a scary story Aaron! Jeff was very calm after the door locked, and I hope that they were able to find a way out. This is a super story, well done!

  2. I’ll tell you something – They were very brave to walk those floors in the middle of the night! It sounds very very spooky. I’m not surprised Sophie started crying. I think I’d have been hysterical! I really do hope they managed to find a way out.

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