It by Nathan

Muaaaaaa!!! It is born. Boom lighting strut the ground.

Hello master what do you need.

I need you kill my worst foe, but first get me my favorite bar of chocolate .

What one is that sir.

You don’t know I coded you with all the knowledge in world and you don’t know what the best cholate bar is.

What is it sir.

ZIZ ZAG!!!!!!

Ok, which way is the shops? it panted.

Are you ok said the master you are leaking oil.

Boom flames engulfed the lab

Sir Sir where are you sir.

One thought on “It by Nathan”

  1. Kia ora Nathan – well this was certainly a different way of writing! By using a range of short sharp sentences, and putting each new sentence onto a new line, you have made your story more urgent for the reader. Something I would have liked to see, is more use of exclamation marks, question marks and speech marks through your writing, so that it makes good sense and is written correctly. This might be a good goal for your writing for the future.
    Ms M #100WC

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