Island by Alfie

Steve was on a plane and fast as lightning it crashed on an island in the middle of nowhere. Steve was the only one who survived he felt very ill. He needed to find a food source. He saw a tree that had fruits on it. He desperately took a fruit from the tree and ate it. It was disgusting, it was vomit fruit. Very thirsty he scoured for food and water, he found a river with fruits hanging over it. Quickly he started to drink and eat. The fruits were amazing. Swiftly he built a shelter because it started to rain heavily.

2 thoughts on “Island by Alfie”

  1. I like how you interpreted the prompt, Alfie! It’s a great set-up for a story. I also find it interesting that you’ve included different types of fruit on the deserted island. Looks like Steve will have to be careful with which he picks!

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