In the Airplane – by Emily

In the airplane to meet my grandparents I had eaten cookies and had a cup of tea, it was yummy. My mam was playing the violin, the lady in the airplane swept the floor and yellow stuff was on the ground. She didn’t know what it was. She looked on the ground where the yellow stuff was and thought it was butter. Even as she tried to get it of it just kept getting  sticky. Finally she got it off the ground but she was so tired. I put on my music on my headphones and  fell asleep for hours. Finally we landed and my grandparents were at the airport, they were so happy!

3 thoughts on “In the Airplane – by Emily”

  1. Well done Emily. I hope you had a great holiday with your grandparents. That yellow stuff sounded horrible!

  2. What WAS that yellow stuff on the floor? Sounds awful! I bet you had a great holiday with your grandparents. Grannies and Grandads are just the best.

  3. Hello Emily,

    Long airplane flights can be boring. It seems you were able to occupy yourself until you fell asleep. Here in Australia, long airplane flights are necessary if we want to visit other countries. I know how it feels to spend about sixteen hours to reach your part of the world. Well done.

    I found it interesting the way you were able to weave the prompt words into your story. It can be hard to use them effectively. Again, well done.

    I hope you can keep entering the 100WC. It’s a great way of improving writing skills and sharing with the world.

    Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

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