In A Hurry by Eden

‘Ewww,’ I said as my little brother chomped down his breakfast greedily. ‘Jack, I already warned you about doing that,’ my mum told him. ‘And shouldn’t you be off already?’ she asked me. With that I zoomed out, grabbing my helmet on the way. I couldn’t be late. I was so desperate, I almost forgot my bicycle and ran. I went down the steep hill as quick as a flash, not even seeing the yellow warning sign for the new building site. Luckily I didn’t hit anything in it. After about 5 more minutes I made it to the party early. 

One thought on “In A Hurry by Eden”

  1. Hi eden! I really like your story! Make sure to use proper quotation marks when you are putting dialogue but other than that i love it! My class did these words, i was wondering if you liked it?

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