If Only It Was a Bit Samller by Jasmin

I was working my regular shift at Mc Donalds on a bright and sunny Wednesday afternoon….

I was working at the drive-through, it seemed pretty normal nothing out of the usual…. Until a very strange neon pink car pulled up. They said they wanted the most mini-burger that we had. I said “oh umm ok I’ll go check!” We didn’t have any “mini” burgers, so I told them that we don’t have any and I gave them a regular burger, they said…. if only it was a bit smaller…. The strangest day I’ve ever had….. like really strange

One thought on “If Only It Was a Bit Samller by Jasmin”

  1. Hi Jasmin
    I loved your story.
    I ‘m surprised that there are MC Donald in Ireland.
    I’t was really strange that they want a mini burger.
    ~ Kate

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