Ice-Cream Up Shop by Emmanuel

Once upon a time in a ancient city there was a very dusty ice cream shop that was thousands of years old. One day after school Emmanuel, Bartosz and Ben went into the ice-cream shop. The reason they went into the ice-cream shop was that they had the best ice-cream in the world. They had raspberry, pistachio and lime flavour. But worst of all was the lavender flavour. When they walked in the shopkeeper was gone “but how could she just disappear?” Emmanuel said to himself. The three boys decided to go to the back and found that she was stuffing her face with ice-cream!

One thought on “Ice-Cream Up Shop by Emmanuel”

  1. Hi Emmanuel,
    I like the way one day after school you and you’re friend went to get some ice cream,
    But I don’t think I would like that kind of ice cream,
    I wonder she was stuffing herself with ice cream?

    By for now Danny Mrs Boyce’s Class.

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