Ice Cream by Niamh

It was a very warm sunny day. I was going to get an ice-cream with my family. “Can I go on my bicycle?” my mam said ” yes!” I said ” thank you,” my mam said ” no problem.” I was warm and I was desperate to get my nice ice-cream! There was a great selection there were Cookies N’ Cream, Cookie Dough, Rocky Road and Banana and that’s just a few. I went for Banana it was bright yellow. My mam warned me that it was going to be sweet and it was still nice. When I got my ice-cream I greedily ate it all and didn’t share it.

2 thoughts on “Ice Cream by Niamh”

  1. That’s a good work, Niamh. The story is so nice, and I will go for cookie dough or rocky road when making the decision. As for me, I don’t think not sharing ice-cream with others is greedy for it is full of my mouth water, more importantly, it’s so small for two!

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