Ice by Tadhg

I personally think that if we don’t stop Global Warming we will soon be under water. By 2030 places like Amsterdam could be under. The ice caps have already melted 2 inches, that doesn’t seem like much but that is actually is. Loads of wildlife live in places that have icebergs and ice caps. Animals like penguins, polar bears, walruses and seals. That means that they would come closer to cities and towns and interrupt our daily lives. It would cause all sorts of mayhem. The water level will rise by around 12 meters. It would be terrible.

One thought on “Ice by Tadhg”

  1. You are very good plus there is a lot of carbon dioxide in the ice capsules so if they al melted it would cause you every time you took a breath for you to cough a lot . Plus we all love your story’s Tad your like a celebrity in my class so keep going.

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