Hype by Ben

One time I had a robot called Hype. He loved to travel but he didn’t know where anything was. One time we went to the city centre and I remember saying to him “Let’s go to the shop” ‘which way to the shop?’he panted. Follow me we can go to Brown Thomas to get a new jacket. On the way home from the shop we decided to stop in KFC and eat. When we get home I’m going to show you a map for where everything is around the town.

One thought on “Hype by Ben”

  1. Hello Ben, poor Hype not knowing where anything is! He reminds me a bit of my sister who relies on me to find our way about when we are on holidays. The idea of studying a map is a good one because you never know when you might be by yourself and have to find the shop or something else. I like the name you chose for your robot too. Well done.

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