Hundred Word Challenge by Julia

One Tuesday, in the dead of night the burglar slipped out of the alley-way. He was on a mission to steel the shiniest jewel in the world, the museum was only two streets away. He went on his all fours and crawled up to the museum. The tricky thing was that it was very well guarded, but he didn’t need to worry for all the guards were either asleep or reading. He took out a pin and started to fiddle with the lock. At first it didn’t open but then the lock clicked and fell. He pushed the door open and went in, but what was this? The alarm was going off. His plan had failed.

One thought on “Hundred Word Challenge by Julia”

  1. Julia, this is an excellent story. You’ve created a very tense atmosphere and used the prompt brilliantly. I like how you describe the ‘dead of night’ and ‘shiniest jewel’. I really enjoyed this.

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