How to Become a Fossil by Leon

This is a step by step obout How To Become a Fossil.

You will need:

1. Yourself

2. The sea

3. 4 friends

4. A piece of paper

5. A pen

Step 1: Write a letter to the future and tell them that there is a fossil in the sea close to the shore.

Step 2: Get 4 friends to come with you to the sea and tell them to trow you into the sea.

Step 3: Drown.

Step 4: Wait 66,000,000 years for someone to collect you from the sea.

They will fish you out and make you a statue.

One thought on “How to Become a Fossil by Leon”

  1. This story was really good (this is a little creepy) I liked when the person drowns. Why did you need 4 friends what if you just ran to the sea and just payed down? You should add more descriptive words.

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