How To Be Tall by Oliver


You will need:


*Space and Chin up bar or park with gym equipment


1. Firstly go outside or to your space without your shoes.

2. Secondly go to the chin up bar at home or at the gym equipment.

3. Thirdly put hands on bar stretch or swing for 1 and a half hours altogether.

4. Next go to a space with a protractor and stick your hand out 35 degrees and tilt your head back 90 degrees.

5. Take time to relax and the next day do it again but try more times on the bar.

3 thoughts on “How To Be Tall by Oliver”

  1. Hi Oliver I really liked your story this week. It was really funny that there were directions how to be a statue. Keep up the good work. Your Friend,

  2. Hi Oliver.
    I like your story.
    It is very funny.
    I must definetly try that sometime.
    It reminds me of a story I read recently.
    By for now.
    Ronan Mrs Boyces class

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