How? and Why? by Cillian

Beep! It was Jack’s alarm. Jack got out of bed and went to have breakfast. After he brushed his teeth, and went to school with his friend Mya . He hoped that Conor the bully wasn’t in but sadly he was. Luckily his teacher is nice and gives out to Conor if he tries to bully Jack. Later out on yard Conor started hitting Jack for no reason. Jack told teacher but she thought he was lying and Jack ended up in trouble. When school ended him and Mya decided to race home.They started running and when Jack was tired he looked back and Mya wasn’t there. He screamed and thought but how could she just disappear…

One thought on “How? and Why? by Cillian”

  1. Hello, you have included a lot of action and detail in your story. I like how you included some of Jack’s thoughts because it helps the reader understand him more. I think it is good that you raise the issue of bullying too. It was a bit of a shock when Mya disappeared. I hope you write another story that has a happy ending and Mya returns.

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