House Makeover by Aaron

One day my mam decided to paint the house red and the inside blue, the painters came last week. I was excited to get the house redone. I went to knock for my friends to show them the photos of what it is meant to look like. They said it looks so different and it looks like a gamer’s room. After a long walk home, the painters dropped the paint can and the paint went all over me, my mam and the painters laughed but I did not find it funny. The painters had to get more paint to finish the house cause it fell on me.

3 thoughts on “House Makeover by Aaron”

  1. Hi Aaron, I really like your writing but I feel like you need to work on using creative language in your writing more

  2. Hi Arron, I really enjoyed your story this week. Try to use more descriptive words to keep the reader interested.


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