The Horror Day by Lorcan

“Today was worst day of my life ” In the morning I found myself on the floor and my bed had disappeared, because I went to sleep on it, and we’re going on holidays and my suitcase was all over the floor. At
12 o’clock we went to hotel it was called Hotel Transylvania paradise. When we got our room I went to my bedroom the door closed and then the lock clicked and I was locked in the walls started to closed in on me I was so scared. I shouted so so loud that the walls broke.

One thought on “The Horror Day by Lorcan”

  1. Hi Lorcan. I really enjoyed your story. I loved the name of the Hotel – ‘Transylvania’. You know I actually visited Transylvania many years ago and it’s an absolutely beautiful area in Romania. However, the Transylvania in your story doesn’t sound so beautiful. Quite the opposite in fact. I’m guessing this hotel was haunted – or maybe Dracula really does live in Transylvania. I never met him though.

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