Homeless by Cian

My life is empty,
I live nowhere and everywhere,
I beg and beg,
I get donations,
I’m hungry,
I’m thirsty,
I’m scared as I hear the deafening screams echoed through the cold night.
I’m innocent and guilty,
You see me sometimes,
On T.V or in person,
I need your help,
I need everyone’s help,
To stay alive,
To stay alive and have hope,
Have hope for a better future,
Or a normal future,
You know who I am,
I am poor,
I am unfortunate,
I am homeless.

2 thoughts on “Homeless by Cian”

  1. Cian, well done. You should be very proud your work. This poem gives a voice to a homeless person and shows great empathy. I am proud that you are one of St. Molaga’s pupils.
    Maith thú,
    Ms Costello

  2. Oh wow! Cian, that is a great piece of work, you really captured what it feels like to be homeless and how important it is to do all we can to help.
    Your piece was very moving and shows how thoughtful and caring you are to think to write this.
    A well crafted piece of poetry.
    Never stop you have important things to say Cian.

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