Holidays – by Molly

My mam and dad had saved up enough money for us to go on a holiday in one week. Lots of arrangements had to be made and we had to get tickets and pack bags. After the week had passed we hauled the bags into the boot and set off in the car. As we walked into the airport my dad checked in at the terminal. After that we went to the cafe and waiting area. I saw a man sitting down on a bench writing and sitting beside him was a statue of the founder of the airport. I heard an announcement it was time to board the plane…

One thought on “Holidays – by Molly”

  1. That’s a great description of setting off on Holiday Molly. I love the way you describe ‘hauling’ the bags into the boot because that’s exactly what you have to do when you have heavy suitcases. I love waiting in airports when I’m going on holidays.

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