Holidays by Leon

One day in China in the terracotta museum something very weird happened. The army woke up. IN COLOURS!!!!

“Hello Bob long time no see.” Said Joe

“Hello, Hello” He answered.

“I can’t wait to get my hands on some food…. AAAAAAAA my hands, they’re GONE!!!” screamed Joe.

Every body was missing a body part, some where even missing a head!! Everybody were very troubled. Most of them ran into the streets of China. All of them ran to the airport into some of the planes. They all went to different countries of the world Like Australia, Ireland and on and on.

4 thoughts on “Holidays by Leon”

  1. Hi Leon! Its Sophia your hub buddy,I really liked this 100 WC because its funny and interesting.But i have a few tips,maybe you should add a little bit more punctuation to the story and you spell ¨AAAAAA¨ like this AHHHHHHHH.

  2. Hi its Evie from Bidston Avenue! I really like this 100wc! I like the way you described them coming to life. I can just imagine them! I also like the type of speech you used and I can also imagine them having a conversation with them.

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