Heaven by Liam

One day I was walking in the forest and I saw the most fantastic thing in my life.
” WOW!” I shouted to myself.
Green, blue, orange, red it was amazing. Walking up the staircase my legs started trembling.
“AW!” , I said, ’’this goes on for ages”. Whoosh! my head went through a cloud. Finally I was past the clouds and the view was amazing. Shaking I started walking around then I saw something strange it looked like someone.
“Hello there”, I heard a voice as a ghost came floating towards me.
“hello” “I said ’’where am I?”
The ghost said, ‘’you don’t know where you are? Heaven.
“It’s beautiful’′ I said.

One thought on “Heaven by Liam”

  1. I love this story Liam. You make Heaven sound like a beautiful and magical place. I hope we’re all lucky enough one day to find out – but not too soon though! I really have to commend you on your punctuation. It’s really great. Well done Liam!

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