…he felt really ill… by Jasmin

The little boy down the road didn’t feel well.. The whole entire road knew about it because his mother is a bit Kookoo in the head ya know. I offered to bring him to the doctor’s, so that’s what I did. He felt really ill, the doctor didn’t know what was wrong so she gave him a Covid test just to check…..

The test came back as positive and let me tell you his mother went INSANE, no one could believe it! He stayed in lockdown for 2 weeks… You won’t believe what happens next…

The end of part 1….

One thought on “…he felt really ill… by Jasmin”

  1. I thought it was cool how you ended it, it was a very like scary but not scary story if you know what I mean, and I can’t wait to read part two.

    – Natalia from guilderland schools

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