Hayden and His Treasure Hunting Friends

One day,  when I was out playing with my friends on the beach, I spotted a bottle that looked like it had something inside. “Hey guys come take a look at this” I said to the guys Raul, Adam, Darragh and Jakub, “quick come see”. The guys came over and we got the paper out of the bottle, “its a map” I said, “it seems to be pointing near the beach hut”. “Lets go over and dig and see what we can find” said Raul. Then we went got our spades and dug as fast as we could. We stopped when we hit something. It was a huge chest, but there was a lock on it, we had to find the key, but where was the key?, then Jakub spotted another bottle and this had a key inside. Quick Quick let’s go and open the chest, we put the key inside the lock, then the lock clicked and to our delight the chest opened and inside was lots and lots and lots of Pokemon cards. “Oh Yeah”.