The Haunted House – by James

Once there was a girl called Lily and a boy called Zach once they came across a haunted house . Then they went in they then tried to open the door but it was locked then Zach saw a window open and they climbed in. First they went to the kitchen and explored through the dark cobwebs.  Then they went to the dark basement  they got their torches and looked around them. Suddenly the door upstairs shut the lock clicked and they were trapped. They could hear a funny noise boo boo boo  boo .The door reopened and they left forever …

One thought on “The Haunted House – by James”

  1. What a spooky story James! I wonder who was making the funny noise boo boo boo boo… maybe it was one of their friends playing a prank on them. Maybe it wasn’t! Weren’t they lucky that the door reopened. Thankfully they got out! Keep up the good work!

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