Haunted House by Emily

It was the night of Halloween. Luke, Mark and Ashley went to a haunted house. Suddenly, the light started flickering. There was blood everywhere even on the door handle. A clown came around the wall from Ashley. “Help I am going to die!” cried Ashley. There were sweets on the table but they didn’t eat them in case they were to poison them.”Hey” said the vampire. But in a blink of an eye he vanished. Ashley was suprised, “but where did it go?”she shouted. She was terrified. There were statues of ghost and knights of shining amour. They all shouted at the same time “I am getting out of here.”

One thought on “Haunted House by Emily”

  1. Hi Emily , Emma here
    I hope you are doing well.
    I really liked your creepy story , Clowns are scary to me are they scary to you?
    I also liked the bloody handle and the vampire

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