Haunted House by Cillian

It was Halloween and Jack wanted to do something fun and scary so he asked his best friend Sue if she wanted to go to the haunted house across the street. She said “yes” and they met up at around 7 pm that night. There had been scary stories about a creature that lived in the house. The house was huge so they decided to split up and to shout if something went wrong. Jack went upstairs and Sue went downstairs but the problem was that there were no lights. Suddenly Sue spotted a dark figure and she screamed so Jack could know but when Jack came down the figure was gone. “But where did it go?” she shouted “it doesn’t matter!” said Jack “just run!” but before Sue could react she was grabbed and…

One thought on “Haunted House by Cillian”

  1. That’s good, Cillian! It’s really frighted of me to hear the dark figure, especially it would disappear when others came. The story also left us space for further imagination. Hope to see your work in the future! Jp.

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