Haunted House by Cian

This Halloween Jenna decided to investigate the old empty house in the neighbourhood. She wanted to see if anybody lived in there, or anything. As she advanced the house she saw a torn and battered scarecrow in the garden. She opened the door with a paper clip and casually walked inside. As she walked into the house there was a staircase with wooden steps, so she started to walk up them. Suddenly on the second floor down the long dark hallway she saw a tall, dark figure then suddenly, it disappeared. “But where did it go, ” she shouted and then legged it out of the house.

2 thoughts on “Haunted House by Cian”

  1. Good story, Cian! I believe most of the people would be frightened and rushed out of the place if seeing a tall, dark figure, especially it suddenly disappeared! Keep on writing! Jp.

  2. I like that you chose to write the story as a Halloween one. Nice work using the prompt. My only suggestion is for you to check your spelling before submitting any final draft. Keep up the great work!

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